The one and only possible Case for Joe Biden, from a Black Trump Supporter

Kevin D. Mayo, II; Lead Contributor 5/13/2020 Sandusky, OH

Kevin Mayo; Photographer, Political commentator.

Via, a website weighing averages and polls from the entire nation and possibly the best indicator (yet wrong in 2016) for how a specific candidate or policy is doing, our current President Donald J Trump is leading democratic Challenger Joe Biden by 5 points.

There’s both a glimmer of hope and an Omen with the looming possibility of a Joe Biden presidency, as a Black Man in my socio-economic class and millennial age (as is the case with many disenfranchised voters) have no real horse in this race come November.

To quote Kyla Pratt on 2001 TV show “One on One”:

“It’s just a complete waste of time but if you have the luxury you just vote for the white man who says what you like the most and get disappointed when you realize he was lying” and while i thought It was hilarious when I was a child, I thought about the 2000 election and wondered why the Black community thought so little of our “civic duty”.

Fast forward to 2008, I’m 14 freshman in Highschool and the prospect of the impossible happens...a Black President. People at my church would talk about it, people at school would talk about it, people in barbershops would talk about it...and my eyes lit up like Christmas. “Politics as usual was over”, “finally a champion of the people”. Through much struggle and effort the Black community lead President 44, Barack Obama to an outstanding victory in both the primary and general election touting the beautiful policy “Medicare for All” and black people would finally give a shit about politics. And then the 2009 Bailout, and then the 90% civilian drone strike death rate, and then kids in cages.

By the time I was 18 and able to vote, I began to detest the Democratic Party. As I felt used, objectified, and overall unappreciated for my effort.

Barack Obama came to Sandusky, and I couldn’t care less because his policies meant nothing to me. In the primary that year, I first heard the name of my political hero, Bernie Sanders, as an insurgent challenger to The then POTUS. He lost pretty badly and I realized the Democratic Party for the sham it was. In 2012 I voted Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party and switched my political affiliation to “Libertarian”. Fast forward to 2015 it’s time again, Bernie Sanders runs again and I’m happy and honored to see this man fighting for me and exposing the corrupt establishment. He narrowly loses to Hillary Clinton In the primary, and as per his request I fell in line and supported Hillary Clinton on social media to stop Trump. L O L. The emails leaked and I was disgusted by both Bernie and Hilary. Hilary know the rigged primary amongst many evil acts but Bernie because he was inherently irresponsible for encouraging me to vote for

a war criminal and the evil establishment he was fighting against. In 2016, I said “Fuck you democrats” once again and I casted a vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party.

So that’s how I got here. Why the fuck am I writing a piece supporting Joe Biden?

2 words: Unbiased reporting. It would be truly unconscionable for me to shame any voter, especially my readers/viewers about my ideologies and force it onto you. My opinion of Joe is set in STONE. I’m weighing it between Howie Johnson & just sitting at home this year. I hear every single Joe Biden argument and 9 times out of 10 it instantly get invalidated as most of the arguments you can make to support the previous Veep revolve around Hope. And if there’s anything Centrist Dems are good at doing besides opposing true progressives, it’s disappointing when it comes to delivering upon the hope they instilled.

That being said, here’s the only 3 reasons why Young Black People should support Joe Biden in his 2020 Presidential Campaign.

1. RBG

Ruth Badger Ginsberg is apart of the current minority of liberal ideology within the Supreme Court. She’s retiring soon as she’s in her mid 90s. This reasoning is obvious for Democrats and Democratic progressives,but to a primarily Libertarian socialist or republican base you may be wondering “centrist lib replaced by centrist conservative. Who gives a shit.” And my response is simply this; we are better than being an authoritarian republic.

There’s already Majority in Supreme Court, and in Senate the 2 most longevite and powerful institutions in American culture. By allowing another conservative Judge like Neil Gorsech, like Brett Kauvanaugh we’d not only establish a super majority for conservatives we’d also trounce any hope of a bias decision being rendered by the SCOTUS. Which sounds good if we’re going by identity but policy wise we should aim for more balance. Biden has the opportunity to nominate and has committed to nominating a Black woman to the court.

2. Free College.

Black Women hold 60% of the total college debt in the United States whilst only 12% receive or feel like they received a payoff for their education. Joe has a very papery, watery, and sketchy means test proposal for Free College. I’m going to assume that based off these statistics provided that most of my Black readers don’t make more than 125,000 per year so it would almost certainly apply to any young person afflicted by the predatory loans of secondary education and the United States would finally end the worldwide embarrassment of being the only country that doesn’t offer Universal Free College....kind of.

3. The Opportunity of shifting the Democratic Party to more progressives values.


The evidence against this silly notion mounts up every single day, but it was he supposed intention of primary Challenger Bernie Sanders to move the party to the left and influence policy. The most recent Coronavirus stimulus is my evidence that it won’t really mean anything but seeing AOC & a member of the sunrise movement on the Biden-Sanders policy task force is valid reason enough to roll the dice On a Vote for the previous Vice President. Sadly this is the most optimistic I’ve been on any reasoning to support Biden.

That being said, there’s 3 valid arguments for Joe Biden from a Black Man who simply received unemployment and a government Stimulus from a Republican administration. With my dissatisfaction of the previous 8 years under Obama combined with 40+ years of bad policy’s and positions multiplied by my scorned emotions at the loss of an opportunity at a Sanders presidency coupled with a very believable Allegation from Tara Reade makes for a difficult case to be made as for Biden being the toughest one to make as my career as a Journalist.

But there you are. 3 reasons to vote for Joe. I can believe I wrote this without puking.

Do the right thing in November kids, Whatever your heart desires.

Kevin Mayo is a photographer and political commentator from Sandusky, Ohio and manages a podcast called “Hideas, The Podcast” airing Thursday’s at 1pm.

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