Extreme Police Brutality Errupts on Put-in-Bay; Sandusky Register calls beatings by police "Riots".

Kevin D. Mayo, II; Lead Contributor 6/7/2020

Sandusky, OH

Kevin Mayo; Photographer, Political commentator.

Following a thinly veiled "show of support" for the Black Lives Matter Protests that took place in Sandusky, OH following the death of George Floyd, Brianna Taylor, Ahmad Aubery and an absolutely sickening accumulation of disproportionately African American police brutality and systematic equality,

the slowly decaying Tandem Media network staple "The Sandusky Register" labeled the unfair beating and detainment of 6 African American Men from Sandusky, OH as a "riot", a user submitted video shows Put-In-Bay an upwards of 10 (reportedly 36) Police officers continually striking one island attendee, while he's handcuffed and on the ground, in the stomach and screams "Watch Your Knees" as the video ends abruptly.

The Suspects are being detained in Ottawa County Jail despite there being ZERO evidence of any wrong-doing and were found to be unarmed .

The Sandusky Register & The Put-In-Bay Police station both refused to comment bringing up questions of Collusion and systematic racism as many viewers and critics of the video on social media are lambasting the authoritative and excessive response towards peaceful Black Citizens.

If any involved parties would like to comment or issue a retraction please leave a message on the homepage or email Hideas, The Podcast at

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